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LB Diamond Difference, Theirs vs Ours: Diamond Spread

Continuing with our informative weekly segment: "The LB Diamond Difference: Theirs vs Ours."

Today's topic: “SPREAD" **which refers to how large a diamond actually appears face up.

Shown on the hand below are oval & pear shape diamonds weighing 2 carats each; the stones shown on the right are from our inventory while the ones on the left are typically what you can find as being listed as "great deals" across many websites & local retailers.

Theirs vs ours - Pear vs Oval Diamonds

** Remember- carat weight is only an indication of how large a diamond will look as the weight can be distributed in various ways.


See above for a comparison video, where the differences become even more apparent. Although each stone weighs 2 carats, "our stones" look significantly larger than "theirs" because of how they are cut. When we stock our inventory we ensure each diamond meets a certain criteria of length & width so they look as large, & in most cases larger, than what their carat weight would suggest. We do all this while maintaining a proper depth to allow the stone maximum sparkle.


When purchasing a diamond you might overlook these dimensions & jump on "their stone" because it is less expensive while having the same carat weight & quality ratings as "our stone". **However, you would be mistaken since "their diamonds" look smaller & do not live up to their grading reports.


* For reference, in oval diamonds we usually maintain a length of 10mm while for pear shapes it would be closer to 11mm. "Their stones" shown here only make it to 9.5mm for the oval & 10.5mm for the pear shape. Half a millimeter may not seem like a lot, but in diamond buying it can make a HUGE difference & be extremely noticeable right away.


There are a variety of ways you can inquire with us about our selection of oval & pear shape diamonds to find the perfect one for your custom ring design.  FIll out a loose stone request form , fill out a contact us form, schedule an appointment  or browse our inventory of oval and pear rings!