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Here at Lauren B., we pride ourselves on making sure our clients have the same seamless ring shopping experience whether they have purchased in-store or opt to custom design an engagement ring remotely. We are honored to be a part of each of your love stories and help you with this next exciting chapter in your life!

Names & Ages: Edwin Garcia (31)  & Priscila Fernandez (24)
Located: New York
LB Adviser:
Brittany Nolan

Q: How did you find LB?
I was looking for a great place to learn about moissanite and see samples so I googled and stumbled upon Lauren B. Reviewed the website and reviews so decided to walk in.

Q: What made you choose LB for your ring design/purchase?
I loved the help when I walked in & how organized and amazingly beautiful every single piece shown to me was. I decided this would probably be the only place I'd go to for all my future purchases.

Q: Did you work remotely/in-store for your purchase?
I was assisted by Brittany Nolan in store she was very, very helpful. She was a blessing in disguise. 

Q: What design did you choose for your ring, and why?
I chose radiant because to me it stood out more than the usual round or oval cuts. I took detail into every section because I felt it was important my future fiancé knew this was customized just for her.

Q: Tell us about the proposal: where and when did it take place?
My proposal was selected by a contest won online and they helped put my ideas into reality. It was then featured online. I proposed at Jane's carousel in Dumbo Brooklyn NY on October 28th. The significance of that day is special to us because it’s the day after my mom’s birthday. It has now been a year since her passing and her last wish was to see us married. I know she would be proud and luckily every step of the way has been a blessing including this one. Thank you.

Q: How do you feel about the process overall – good experience? Would/did you refer LB to others?
The whole process was amazing.  It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend Lauren b to everyone for all your jewelry needs. Brittany Nolan is def my go to person.