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Coffee & Carats with LB - Segment 2

For today's Coffee & Carats with LB Segment we're discussing all things wedding bands! Different types of bands, pairing your engagement ring & wedding band, men's wedding bands and time frames to order. 

First up, Kathryn & Rosario

KATHRYN discussing different types of wedding bands:

Today we are going to talk all things wedding bands. Some of our most popular styles, what engagement rings you can pair them with, time frame to order, so we're going to cover all of that today. I am going to start off by showing you some of our most popular designs that we get for orders. Thin Pave, Bezel Set, Prong set eternity. You can opt for a really thin pave band that will be made to match the same thinness of your pave engagement ring. If you want to do something a little bit fancier there are some bigger diamond bands set a little bit differently, one of them being a bezel band. A bezel is a very thin row of metal that goes around each stone so you can really see the roundness of the diamonds. So that will give you a little bit of a bigger look and then we have our prong set bands that are typically made with larger diamonds there's a few different ways to do the prong bands and we'll cover that too in the next part. Any of these can be made eternity style, halfway, or 3/4 of the way to match your engagement ring. Then we can also do some traditional solid bands which can be made in platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, so if you want something really classic, like a plain band we can make that for you. Or you can do two and start to stack them. So you’ll have a lot of options.

ROSARIO: discussing engagement ring & wedding band pairing

One of the big questions that we get often is how to pair your wedding band with your engagement ring. I pulled out three rings that are our most popular and I’ll show you how to pair it. So you have kind of a guide. Our first one is our floating head setting (reference RS- 122 engagement ring design). It’s our highest profile setting, a setting like this allows you to pair larger diamonds with it and for this I would recommend a prong set wedding band. So you could do a U Shape or Basket set and like Kathryn said it could be done in eternity, halfway, or 3/4. But because it's a higher profile setting it allows them to still sit flush even though its larger diamonds. Our next setting is the cathedral setting (reference VNR- 13877 engagement ring design) this is a very traditional setting its very romantic as well so don’t be afraid to go a little bit funkier with your wedding band we can pair a bezel with it- Just to add a little more interest to it and this style will also sit flush next to one another. Our last setting is our invisible gallery setting (reference RS- 365 engagement ring design) its our lowest profile setting. For a setting like this I recommend a pave band that matches. This will allow the band to sit right underneath the diamond and also sit flush. All of our rings are made to sit flush with your wedding band so it just depends what style of ring you have and what wedding band will sit best with it.

Next up, Eddie & Gab

EDDIE discussing men's wedding bands:

We're going to start off with a few different kinds of styles that we have in inventory at the moment. We have from plain to a little bit more detailed wedding bands. We have different colors, different metals, different finishes as well. Normally Men’s wedding bands can range anywhere from 4-6mm in thickness. For Colored wedding bands we have  from rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, as well as rounded and flat wedding bands. The flat wedding bands are a little bit more modern and a bit more slick. Rounded wedding bands that we have are little bit more traditional.  We also have different finishes from the matte finish which is a little bit less reflection and the shiny where it has a little more of the glossy look. Any of these wedding bands are available to order in any finger size. We suggest you try as many wedding bands as you can so you see what looks best on your hand as well as what looks great with your skin tone.

GABBY discussing time frames for wedding bands:

A common question that we get is how soon someone should put in an order for their wedding band prior to their wedding. We typically recommend about two months out from your wedding date just to make sure that you have a little bit of a cushion time to allow for custom design, production, and delivery. You may want to consider your engagement ring and wedding band pairing early on in the process just so you can make sure they sit flush or whether you’ll need to wear it on the opposite hand. Other than that we have pretty wide range of options for you to select from so make sure you visit Lauren B!

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