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Coffee & Carats with LB- Segment 3

Welcome back to another segment of Coffee & Carats with LB. This week we are discussing The  LB custom design process, this is one of the biggest factors that sets us apart from our competitors. Shopping for an engagement ring is an extremely special and memorable time in a couple’s lives, and because of this we pride ourselves on our detailed and unique custom design process!

We work with clients both in store as well as remotely across the world! Today we will be touching on both our in store as well as remote Lauren B custom design processes.



The In Store Custom Design Process:

Part 1: setting discovery: Here we work with the client to decide what shapes and designs they are most interested in. Once we have determined that, then we move on to the setting.  There are many clients who may have a very good idea of what type of setting they want, but there are also many clients who are unsure or torn on what setting would be best for them. To better figure this out, we start with a solitaire setting and then add options from there (pave band, signature wrap, cathedral style, etc.).

Part 2: After the setting is chosen, the next part is diamond 101. The client is shown a variety of diamonds all with different color, clarity, carat weight sizes, etc. to get a full understanding of all the characteristics that go into deciding on a diamond and picking the perfect one for the center piece of  your customized ring.

The Remote Custom Design Process:

Part 1:  Contact us via phone or email inquiry, submit through website, loose stone request, more information request, schedule an appointment, etc.

Part 2: Once the client has found the setting that they like, we work remotely with them to find the center stone of their dreams!  We will present you with 3-5 diamond options via a high quality video for you and your partner to choose from based on budget flexibility, shape preference and specs.

Part 3: Once the center stone is chosen, we produce the setting in 3-4 weeks for that exact center stone so that we can maintain the most seamless look as per the dimensions of that diamond! And then we can ship the ring overnight and fully insured anywhere in the US.


We received some great questions during the Q&A portion of this segments Coffee & Carats, be sure to watch the full video above to hear them and learn more!