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custom solitaire engagement rings

  • The band of your engagement is one of the most important features to your ring since it is the backdrop of your center gem and it is the part of your ring that hugs your finger. Picking the right band is not only based on the feeling it gives to your hand; it is more about the overall look you want your ring to have and the design you are after.  It is also important to take into consideration the size and shape of your center-stone as well how you would like the top portion of the ring to appear e.g halo vs non-halo.  For instance, elongated center-stones may work better with split bands, while a smaller center-stone with no halo might get lost on a thicker three row pave band. On the same note, the style of your band will relate to the general feel you are after; for example, if you want a more floating look opt for our delicate pave bands and for someone in the mood for a flashier look a three row band would be the way to go. If you thought there were a lot of options for center-stone shapes then your head might spin with all the different engagement ring band options we offer at Lauren B. These different aspects will have an effect on what will look aesthetically pleasing with the overall engagement ring.  Each person will want something different so we think breaking down each band option here will give you some more insight! Continue reading

  • While the definition of a “solitaire engagement ring” varies slightly from one place to the next, at Lauren B we consider this to be a ring with a main stone and no other diamonds visible on the band, or surrounding the center-stone itself.  A solitaire design is meant to be classic and elegant however that does not mean it has to be boring.  We consider ourselves to always be on the cutting edge of custom ring designs which is why we have come up with new and innovative ways to style your solitaire engagement ring into something special and unique.  There are several different ways to achieve this without taking away from the integrity and classic appeal of this type of design and we will break down them here: Continue reading

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