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diamond cut

  • Spread The Word

    When it comes to diamond everyone knows about the 4 C's including cut, color, clarity and carat. There is one specific topic that combines the factors of Carat and Cut into one, and this what we refer to as the Spread on a diamond. Carat weight measures just the actual weight of the diamond. For example, 2 diamonds can weigh 1 carat total. Now what changes the spread on the diamond is the total depth combined with certain angles within the diamond.  Just because two diamonds weigh exactly the same does not mean that face up they will look similar.  We can liken this comparison to two people who are 150 pounds; one of those people are 5'5" tall and the other is 6' tall. Although their actual weigh is the same, the way it is distributed varies greatly causing them to looking nothing alike. The same thing applies to diamonds- we have to leave carat weight in a separate category from cut because it does not accurately indicate the face up look. In general to gauge the spread / how large a diamond actually appears we recommend looking at the measurements. In this post we will explore some "spready" diamonds from our inventory and how our selection differs from regular diamonds of the same weight.

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  • Emerald Cut Diamonds

    Emerald cut diamonds are in a class of their own- elegant, understated, and always stylish. They give a traditional and vintage feel however depending on the setting can look incredibly modern.  These are step cut as opposed to brilliantly cut like round, cushion etc...Some think that because these diamonds have fewer facets than other fancy shapes making them have no sparkle . This however is not the case- when a well cut emerald diamond catches the light it will offer a beautiful flash of light. Continue reading

  • The Radiant Cut Diamond

    The word radiant itself brings to mind the sun. It exudes brilliance and light, and that is exactly why this cut of diamond is called that. It is a unique looking cut that is very versatile because it is a combination of round brilliant, emerald, and princess cuts, making it appropriate for any style of jewelry. The radiant has the same outline shape as the emerald cut, with its trimmed corners, but is a brilliant cut, versus the emeralds step cut, so it creates the sparkle and fire of a round instead of large flashes. Continue reading

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