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  • Engagement rings have a variety of elements that can be coordinated to form a unique, artistic piece of jewelry. If you're starting out on the engagement ring journey, you might feel overwhelmed with all of the choices. Here at Lauren B Jewelry, we want to help you learn more about popular wedding ring styles so that you can decide which will suit you best.

    Today's Most Popular Styles

    Today, modern technology has created the brilliant cut, one of the most famous diamond cuts for engagement rings, and has incorporated a variety of different elements to create popular ring styles, such as setting, precious stone combinations, and band design. When combined, these elements form a work of art that is unique to the couple designing it.

    The top three styles of engagement rings are the following:

    The solitaire: This is a style that features a single diamond or other precious stone. There are many types of settings, with different numbers of claws to hold the diamond in place, but one of the most iconic is the Tiffany setting—with six claws. The most popular cut for a solitaire diamond is the brilliant, which causes the most brilliance in the stone's appearance.

    The halo: This incorporates a single diamond in the center with a ring of precious stones, often small diamonds, circling the prominent center stone. The halo around the center ring creates a nice frame, and many people play with different colored and types of stones to create a dazzling effect.

    The three-stone: Rings with three stones are popular and timeless. They often incorporate a larger central stone with two on either side. Three stones create a stable visual harmony and often stand to symbolize a couple's past, present, and future. As with the other styles, these three-stone rings can feature different types of stones with a variety of cuts and shapes, though the princess shape and brilliant cut are some of the most requested.

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