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How to Pick Your Perfect Emerald Cut Diamond!

Today we will be taking a closer look at emerald cut diamonds – and everything you need to know before you purchase! This comparison video of two emerald cut diamonds depicts two options that can better help a buyer evaluate what to emphasize and what to sacrifice when considering these special step cuts.

The first segment denotes the differences in color between these two diamonds. The left option is H color, which is within the Near Colorless range on the GIA scale, while the right stone is D color – as colorless as it gets! Notice how the H stone shows very little warmth, or yellow, within it, even compared to the D color option.

Emerald cuts can face up very white compared to other cuts because they contain fewer facets and therefore do not refract light the same way as an oval, for example. This is great for buyers who like the idea of balancing out the size and quality of their diamond, as you can opt for as low as a J color emerald without showing significant color!

Emphasis on quality is better directed to the clarity of the emerald cut, as shown in the second segment. We recommend VS range or better for emeralds, because while the facets are few, they are larger and more open than brilliant cuts. This makes any obstructions, or inclusions within the diamond, more noticeable and easier to spot with the naked eye. As you can see, the left stone has noticeable inclusions, while the right is extremely clean.

Another general point to consider is the cut of the emerald - they come in many variations of elongated or a bit wider depending on your aesthetic preference. Make sure to pay close attention to the dimensions of the diamonds you are considering, because an emerald cut too deep or too shallow can distort this beautiful facet arrangement and look lower quality than the grades suggest. A good rule is to work within the Excellent and Very Good polish and symmetry ranges to ensure that the stone does not look smaller than the carat weight suggests!

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