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LB Diamond Difference, Theirs vs Ours: Radiant Cut Diamonds

We recently started a new  weekly series on our Instagram called: "The LB #Diamond Difference: Theirs vs Ours." This week's topic focuses on Radiant cut Diamonds.

Diamond shopping can be very confusing so we're here to help guide you through the process. At Lauren B, we find ourselves learning new things everyday, so we can only imagine how confusing it can be for a first time shopper. There are so many nuances to consider, & buying a diamond based solely on the grading report & price will not equal the best value at the end of the day. At Lauren B we work one on one with our clients & guide them through our hand selected inventory to choose the right stone with the best carat, color, clarity, and DIMENSIONS for their price range.

Today's topic is Radiant Cut diamonds; arguably the hottest shape on the market right now.

Can you believe both of the diamonds above weigh 1.70 carats and are D-F in color and VVS2 to VS2 in clarity!? Well it's true! The diamond on the left (theirs) although slightly less expensive pales in comparison to the one on the right (ours). What makes these diamonds so different in appearance is the cut.


As you watch the video above it becomes clear that "their stone" on the left lacks sparkle & dimensions. It is cut deep & due to that it gives off a watery appearance with light leaking out from the bottom of the stone. "Ours" on the other hand comes in at 8.6mm long, which is usually reserved for a diamond that weighs 2 to 2.2 carats, & has a very even, sharp sparkle throughout. Our radiant cut diamonds are specially cut on the pavilion of the stone (the bottom half) so that the facets extend directly upwards. This allows for more weight to be distributed on top & also helps keep the brilliance radiating throughout the stone.
Lesson here: don't get fooled by focusing only on carat, color and clarity when shopping. Use those as guides and equally factor in the cut and actual real life appearance of the stone which is going to make all the difference! #laurenbjewelry