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    The holidays are officially here and not only does that mean gift giving, but gift getting (que heart eyes) !!! It's not always easy to pinpoint that one special gift that you want this year, but not to worry the ladies of Lauren B are here to give you some suggestions with their Holiday Jewelry Wish List Pick. Whether your preference is cocktail rings, eternity bands, tennis bracelets, drop earrings or tennis necklaces, we've got you covered with an array of different jewelry gift picks! Happy gift browsing!

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  • So you are beginning your engagement ring search but the big question is where to start?  With so many options out there from center-stone types and designs, it can be overwhelming.  When you look at our Instagram page of thousands of ring posts and our website filled with over 800 gorgeous ring designs, all of which can be custom made any way you like it, you might get pulled in many different directions. Here are few tips to help you get going in the right direction: Continue reading

  • Self Giving Gift Ideas

    Who says you can’t gift yourself? Come on, you know you deserve it! Jewelry does not have to just be a gift such as an engagement ring from one person to another. However, there is something to be said about gifting yourself when you deserve it. Here are some great self gift ideas to consider that you can shower yourself with for any occasion you like! Continue reading

  • The holiday season is upon us and now is the time to start thinking about gifts for that special someone! Jewelry always makes a magnificent gift idea because it is something that lasts a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. At Lauren B we are known for our custom made engagement rings however we carry an extensive variety of necklaces, rings, bracelets and more.  Set in precious metal and adorned with diamonds and precious or semi-precious gemstones we are sure to have a special piece for your specific taste. Once again, we are able to customize for any price range in any color metal you like!  Here we will break down some perfect diamond jewelry gift ideas for your significant other. Whether these are for the holidays, a special anniversary, "push present", or birthdays we are positive these will make your special someone smile for years to come. Continue reading

  • A while back, we did a blog post on wedding bands that match with our micro-pave designs. While these styles of rings go hand in hand, finding a perfect match for a three-stone engagement ring might prove more challenging.  The look and structure of most three-stone engagement rings do not lend themselves well for eternity bands, however at Lauren B we are always looking ahead and create all of our rings to sit well with most any wedding band style you might like.  Three stone rings are a timeless and classic design that truly never go out of style so you should never shy away from them on account of not having a band that will work well with it. On this post, we will explore eternity band options that work well with 3 stone diamond engagement rings from our custom collection Continue reading

  • If you are currently canvasing the jewelry stores in NYC looking for the perfect ring to propose with, then we highly suggest considering handmade engagement rings in New York. Here at Lauren B. Jewelry, we love educating clients on why this is such a great option to pursue. The following is a list of just some of the extra options you get with handmade jewelry that you don't get with buying something pre-made out of the display case.


    We can always add some small elements of personalization on the rings we sell, but when you purchase a custom ring, you will get to make the entire thing totally personalized. Instead of just an engraving or a meaningful color, you can literally design the entire ring to best tell the story of your love. Continue reading

  • Why Go with Handmade Rings

    There are a lot of trends happening with jewelry in New York right now, but the most exciting and long lasting of these trends are the popular handmade diamond rings in New York. If you are in the market for an engagement ring right now, then let us at Lauren B. Jewelry congratulate you on finding your perfect match. We would love to help you find the perfect ring to celebrate this commitment, and we feel that in most cases handmade rings are the way to go. The following is a list of reasons we feel this way: Continue reading

  • Getting engaged means making the commitment of a lifetime, and the ring that accompanies the engagement is a symbol of the love, hope, and promises involved in that special moment. For the ring that will last through a lifetime of wedded bliss and everything it entails, we know you don’t want something generic and mass-produced. Your ring should be just like your love--unique, meaningful, special, and a perfect fit for you and you alone. Read on as we explain the many benefits of handmade engagement rings in New York and why you should consider custom rings.

    The Statement

    At Lauren B Jewelry, we know that you want to have a meaningful and gorgeous ring. It is your constant reminder of your commitment, and is the accessory you never change out--you look at your hand more often than you look at your spouse! For something that significant, a handmade ring makes a statement worthy of the occasion. Continue reading

  • If you're looking for the perfect engagement ring for your intended, you're probably looking for the right diamonds in NYC for the ring. One of the best places to find the diamond that you want is to check out the Diamond District located in Manhattan. There are about 2,600 jewelry retailers within several blocks of each other. As you traverse the area, use the following tips to help you get the best deal. Continue reading

  • People have different strategies when choosing gemstones for their nicer jewelry pieces. Since these are meant to last longer, they need to be chosen with care, and different people consider different factors when making their choices. For instance, many people stick with their birthstones to attach some meaning to their jewelry. Others pick jewels by their meaning, since jewels, like flowers, have a language of their own. Still other shoppers try to coordinate their jewelry with their physical appearance or style preferences, so we have a few tips here to help you with that. Continue reading

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